Why Our Pistachio?

Iranian pistachios are very tasty and have many nutritional values. The pistachio’s cultivation method is generally traditional in Iran. Our company has been working on mechanized and modern cultivation methods for many years and has achieved excellent results in the field of toxins and aflatoxins disposal. In terms of food quality, the position of Iran’s pistachio is at the forefront of the global market. We hope to be able to keep this position by our efforts. After planting, caring for and harvesting, the way that pistachios are processed, generally plays a critical role in aflatoxins and toxins production. We have minimized the above mentioned problems by using ultra-modern, fully Iranian-designed appliances, using purified water, direct sunlight and air flow, without using fossil fuel drying systems. We have been able to reach the pistachio’s value to its deserved position. The use of the above methods has great effect on the beauty and the natural smiling of the pistachios as well as on its nutritional values.

Super Long (Akbari) Pistachio

This type of pistachio is extremely beautiful and has an elongated shape. Akbari type of pistachio is less frequent than the other types. It is a late ripening pistachio type and the market for this type of pistachio is the luxury market pistachio.

Long (Ahmad Aghaie) Pistachio

This type of pistachio has a red lipstick color nut, white skin and almond shape. That’s why this type of pistachio is called “the Bride of pistachios”. Its tree is highly fruitful, its fruit is early ripening and it is a "friend of farmer" type.

Jumbo (Kaleh Qouchi) Pistachio

The appearance of this type of pistachios, is round, large and it is very tasty. It is sensitive in the planting and harvesting periods. It is a fruitful product for the farmers and favorable by the consumers around the world. The appearance of this type of pistachio is similar in size and shape to the American pistachios.

Round (Fandoghi) Pistachio

This type of pistachio, despite its small size, has higher nutritional properties than all other types of pistachios and comprises mainly Iranian pistachio production. This type of the pistachio has more kernels than the other types. Due to the less damages during the cultivation and caring periods, this type of pistachio is considered as one of the most favorable varieties by the farmers.

Closed Shell Pistachio

Most pistachio varieties have a percentage of closed shell pistachios at the time of harvest, which is due to not having the whole crop ripe at the same time. This indicates harvesting without pushing the tree. (Unlike other similar harvests in other countries where the percentage of closed shell pistachios is lower). The closed shell pistachio kernels lack aflatoxins because they are not exposed to the open air.

(%) Tolerance (KG)
Table 1. Quality grading and percentage grading based on the allowable tolerances by weight

Table 2. Average Number of Pistachios Per Ounce (142/5)