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Shokooh Tia

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Shokooh Tia is one of the strongest nuts and dried fruits supplier in Iran. The company has a background in the field of nuts and professionally in the field of pistachios since 1980.

Due to the high specialization and good quality of the products, the activities of this group are mainly focused on the export of these products.
Starting the activity in the field of pistachios, products such as raisins, figs and dates were added to the list of products manufactured by this company and the export area also were increased. We were able to compete strongly in the European countries and Japan, presenting our products in these countries at the highest quality.

We have been able to produce and supply our products based on the customer demands.  These needs are in the field of pesticide residues, product processing and product packaging with the updated equipment and high standard of the day.

We guarantee our products in terms of the pesticide residue and the Aflatoxin according to the European and Japanese standards. We have the ability to offer the best quality products along with the best quality packaging to meet the customer demands. We hope to be able to offer our products considering the requirements in different countries. Our strength comes from meeting your demands.

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